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5 Reasons To Own A Bubble Tea Franchise

Best Bubble Tea Franchise - TEAlicious drinks served

1. We Are a Fast, Casual Café!

Whether it’s a first date, book club meeting, or a sunny day with friends, meeting up at a café is a cornerstone of modern American life. This growing need for a space to gather is easily filled in Bonney Lake by the first of our TEAlicious bubble tea cafés. TEAlicious is set apart from its competitors by providing a five-star experience, without the cost. Our menu items are easily prepared and always fresh, meaning a better experience for not only the customer, but for any owner of our bubble tea franchise. Key positions can be filled by any member of our team, allowing each employee to reach their fullest potential at TEAlicious.

Outside of the kitchen, owning one of our bubble tea franchises means having a reputation for excellent customer service. Since our grand opening in the summer of 2019, our customer growth has proven again and again that our TEAlicious staff is trained to create an accommodating and hospitable environment. But don’t take it from me, the hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Yelp speak for themselves, showing first-hand the positive impact owning a TEAlicious bubble tea franchise can make.

2. Bubble Tea Franchise Ownership

Owners have the flexibility to take breaks when needed whether it is to attend family events, enjoying a concert, sports, or the early evening dance recital that you keep missing out on with your kids. As the owner of TEAlicious you can set your schedule and decide what’s important. This is due to the adaptability of our employees. As mentioned previously, each employee at TEAlicious is highly trained in each position at our stores.

From taking orders, answering calls, and crafting menu items, TEAlicious employees can do it all, leaving you assured that your store is always taken care of. Additionally, owning a TEAlicious bubble tea franchise is made easy by skipping the start-up stage of a business. Buying a store is buying a system, eliminating the guesswork and errors a first-time business owner could likely face. Our franchise is proof that a successful model has already been set in motion, leaving the rest (and the fun part) to you!

Best Bubble Tea Franchise - TEAlicious delicious drinks

3. Bubble Tea Franchise Growth

Customers love TEAlicious and our format allows us to continuously grow. Sales of our company owned outlet have increased year over year when comparing 2019, 2020, & 2021 calendar year gross sales. See Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document for complete detail. Customers love the TEAlicious experience and over 10,0000 customers have joined our member rewards program. Expanding our lens, the bubble tea industry in its entirety is thriving. In 2020, the bubble tea market was worth 2.4 billion dollars and is estimated to reach 4.3 billion dollars by the year 2027. This is a CAGR of 7.80 percent within the short span of seven years.

The public’s rising demand for unconventional flavors has allowed bubble tea to become a successful rival against traditional American beverages. Bubble tea is set apart from its competitors by being highly customizable. Sugar levels, milk choices, and flavor combinations can all be altered, allowing for a more personal experience than has even been allowed before. Social media is a large contributor to this growth, expanding the knowledge of bubble tea and in turn making it “trendy”. The market for tea is only going up, making it the perfect time to buy a TEAlicious bubble tea franchise.

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4. Franchisee Training And Cost Structure

One of the most favorable reasons to own a TEAlicious bubble tea franchise is the ongoing support we are committed to give franchisees, recognizing that you are apart of a growing system. Franchisees will come train at our corporate location for 2-4 weeks. We will provide detailed training in TEAlicious operations, restaurant management, marketing, and communications. We then visit you in your café to offer additional training and support as you get ready to open. We will plan and hold a Friends and Family Soft Opening, followed by a Grand Opening for your store!

Beyond your Grand Opening we remain committed to leading and mentoring you as your TEAlicious café becomes a part of your local community. We are just a phone call away with any questions you might have about your bubble tea franchise. The restaurant industry’s cost of goods from gross sales is steadily climbing past 35%. As reported in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document, our company owned outlet reported cost of goods sold that were less than 25% of gross sales. This gives us a leg-up on our competitors in the industry, and allows you, the franchise owner, inevitable success.

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5. Easy To Fill Staff Positions

It is said that if you love what you do, you can’t help but succeed. This simple philosophy is something we use daily at TEAlicious. Creating a fun and comfortable environment is imperative to the productivity of our employees. While other businesses are experiencing an employee crisis, TEAlicious has become a sought-after job, gaining a resume almost

daily. This allows us to find employees that are perfect for the job without compromising the standards we hold our staff to. While we constantly strive to enhance the customer and franchisee experience, we do not let the employee experience go unnoticed. Our employees are part time and often stay a year or more due to our environment, helpful management, and a love for the job. Staff at our bubble tea franchise form meaningful connections with their coworkers and employers, making TEAlicious an exciting and enjoyable place. This enjoyment at work motivates our staff to reach their fullest potential at TEAlicious, upholding our company standards for productivity and customer service.

A study published in Forbes showed that happy employees are up to 20 percent more productive than unhappy employees. With an unwavering importance placed on a healthy work environment comes assured success for any TEAlicious bubble tea franchise. We look forward to watching your location grow and lending a helping hand throughout your entire experience owning a bubble tea franchise.

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