Own A TEAlicious Franchise and join the NEXT GEN'S beverage movement!

Now is the time to own a TEAlicious franchise!

TEAlicious is ready to help you build a lasting legacy.

TEAlicious is a welcoming to all, fun, fast casual, family friendly Bubble TEA café. Our specialty drink is Milk TEA, also called Bubble TEA and we believe this is the NEXT GEN’S BEVERAGE MOVEMENT!

Along with our flavorful Bubble TEA, customers love our refreshing fruit lemonades, Vietnamese Coffee, House Blended’s, Bánh Mì sandwiches, Puffles and locally made ice cream. Each of our drink and food items help to round out our average sales ticket, which is growing.

As we welcome all to our café, we are excited to do the same with our franchise owners. Milk TEA originated in Taiwan but we believe franchisees from all backgrounds can find success with our system with the growing demand and interest in this unique, fun and flavorful product line.

We created TEAlicious as a SOCIALLY DRIVEN brand starting with our effervescent mood and our signature flower wall which brings people together to create the most wonderful community.

Join our loyal customers and join TEAlicious as we rise up to the top of the next generation in franchise business ownership. Together we will build a lasting legacy.

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Next Gen's Beverage Movement: Bubble TEA

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Our Process
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Socially &
Community Driven

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Our Story


Growing Popularity

Our goal is to bring Bubble TEA and our drinks to the mainstream! Popularity is currently growing at a rapid pace. There are Netflix shows such as “Cobra Kai”, that make references to Boba and Bubble TEA repeatedly. There is now a Bubble TEA emoji that can be used on every cell phone. We are the current and future of the drink industry.️

Tealicious bubble tea franchise emoji

Bubble TEA Is Here To Stay

The global Bubble TEA market size was $2.1 billion dollars in 2019 and is expected to reach $4.3 billion by 2027. The Bubble TEA industry is at a point where coffee was in the late 1980’s. No longer just a “fad”, coffee shops started to branch out into communities and become accepted as a daily or multi weekly purchase. TEAlicious is currently on that same trajectory.

Enjoyed By Every Age Group

Bubble TEA is truly a multi generational drink. Our customer base ranges from children, teenagers, and adults. Each group consisting of a third of our total. Unlike coffee, our drinks are for all to enjoy. As an added benefit, TEA is known to have many health positives.

Options For Dietary Preferences

Our generation has many personal and dietary choices. At TEAlicious we want to support those needs. All of our Bubble TEA and drinks can be made without TEA and taste just as satisfying. We only use a non dairy creamer for our “milk". It makes for a more tasty drink that all can enjoy! As an inventory bonus, the shelf life creates no waste in dollars.

Delicious Toppings

Just having a refreshing drink is no longer enough for this generation’s thirst. Customers love to purchase “toppings” as an addition to their drinks. “Toppings” such as boba, go on the bottom of the cup, and simultaneously sipped up through a straw. It’s delicious, fun, and engaging. These add-on purchases significantly help in increasing overall ticket sales. 

BeauTEAful Photo-Ops

Our generation’s second nature is taking photos and social media. This will not change for the foreseeable future. With the combination of our unique flower wall and beauTEAful drinks, it makes for that perfect social media post. In return, many new customers come to enjoy our vibe. Our new customers become regulars and the process is repeated over with much success.

Our Process


Step 1. Choose TEA

Bubble TEA is our mainstay and our customers get a choice of: Black TEA or Green TEA. NO TEA is also an option.

Milk Boba Bubble Tea Franchise Black Tea Image Tealicious

Black TEA

Milk Boba Bubble Tea Franchise Green Tea Image Tealicious

Green TEA

Step 2. Preparation

Each drink is prepared one of two ways. Either On Ice, the traditional way, or Blended in a delicious smoothie milkshake style.

Leading Milk Boba Bubble Tea Franchise Guava Tealicious Franchise Drinks Photo

Step 3. Delicious Toppings

Choose toppings: which go on the bottom of the cup, and can be added to any drink of choice. Our most popular is our soft and chewy tapioca boba. Other toppings include bursting boba, fruit jelly, crema cheese, and more!

Milk Boba Bubble Tea Franchise Tapioca Boba
Milk Boba Bubble Tea Franchise Lychee Jelly
Milk Boba Bubble Tea Franchise Rainbow Bursting Boba
TEAlicious Franchise - Tapioca Bubble Tea
Delicious Tealicious Bubble Tea Franchise
Celebrate TEAlicious Franchising - Bubble Tea franchise Customer photo
Customers Enjoy TEAlicious Franchise Bubble Tea
Customers Enjoy TEAlicious Bubble Tea Franchise

Socially TEAlicious

Socially Driven

We are a social driven brand! Our goal is to provide a unique flower wall for each franchisee café that is different from the next. We want our owners to have a one of a kind atmosphere for EVERYONE to enjoy! In return, TEAlicious customers love to be social in person and on their social media local pages. Join us and see what we create for you! 

Memorable Expriences

Our in store experience is fun and engaging from our flower wall to our effervescent mood - this brings people from near and far away just to get a Bubble TEA and a photo for their Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. One customers memorable social media post can lead to many new customers!

Engaging Decor

Many first time customers take a photo of our decor even before ordering their drinks! Our decor includes a giant flower bouquet, Bubble TEA framed artwork, and our beautiful flower wall. These are truly attention grabbing and engaging for our customers. We provide a place for kids, teenagers, and adults to all be socially TEAlicious!

Backdrop of Celebrations

Our flower wall has been the backdrop for many school dance photos, graduations, and holidays throughout the year. We have birthday's and baby shower celebrations that have become the norm in our café. TEAlicious is a social and community meeting place. Our customers visit our café when they want to celebrate and enjoy their day!

Connect With Us On Social Media!

Visit and bookmark links to our Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages. See how we are creating excitement for the TEAlicious brand, connecting and engaging with our local community every day. CLICK HERE.

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